Our Platform

Olinqua IGNITE: healthcare operations technology that grows with your hospital.

Our Platform

Olinqua IGNITE: healthcare operations technology that grows with your hospital.

What is Olinqua IGNITE?

Hospitals are complex webs of people, systems, devices and machines, all working towards the same goal  excellence in patient care. 

But what if you can’t actually all work together?

In most healthcare settings, there is a disconnect between the many and varied software systems used to manage workflows, monitor machines and assets, and enable communication. IGNITE is the powerful hospital operations platform that brings everything together, enabling a connected workforce and environment, to streamline processes, improve efficiency and significantly decrease costs. 

Start small with just one module, and add new solutions as your hospital and requirements grow.  

Connected Environment

IGNITE’S platform elements:

Component Host

Enabling deployment without a build process.

Message Delivery

Supporting reliable delivery for critical system workflows.

Digital Twin

Providing a digital replica of the operational environment.

Integration Edge

Translating data between Olinqua and external devices.

Connected Workforce

Business and user components:

Secure Messaging

Human and automated text communications.

Media Management

Secure exchange and storage of images.

Task Management

Electronic management of tasks across the workforce.

Incident Management

Management of critical incident alarms and responses.

Asset Tracking

Asset location, perimeter breach alerts and par value monitoring.

Environment Tracking

Management of critical incident alarms and responses.

Integration in hospitals

How does it all come together?

Our leading integration architecture connects on-premises and cloud-native applications and systems into a unified platform where all existing hospital applications can work collaboratively. 

Underpinning every operational system in the hospital, improving ROI on existing clinical software investment, and overcoming the current challenges of 1:1 integrations, Olinqua goes beyond digital transformation and empowers digital optimisation.  

Our integration layers
  • Devices: mobile devices of all kinds.
  • Applications: all communication and collaboration apps.
  • Integrated systems: all hospital external systems.
  • Platform: interoperability layers in our connected environment components.
  • Enabling technologies: specific integrations allowing Olinqua’s solutions to work in on-premises infrastructure.  

Significantly reduce costs.​

Rapidly improve productivity.​

Easily integrate new solutions.​

Use data more powerfully.​

To date, there has been no solution or integration that Olinqua cannot handle – from a hot water service to an enterprise BMS (Building Management System) or nurse call – the system has been able to integrate to all of our internal systems with ease.”

Technical Services Manager, Western Sydney Local Health District

Case studies

Olinqua partners with more than 80 Australian hospitals, delivering powerful integration, and enabling operational excellence through one or all six of its leading platform modules. 

Integrating 49 systems for Westmead, Olinqua introduced a real-time location service over 14 floors and 110,000m2 to underpin cutting-edge mobile duress and asset tracking functionality. 

St John of Midland

Olinqua integrated six crucial systems for this busy Perth hospital, and introduced platform modules to improve facilities and alarm management. 

Ask about Olinqua's platform

At Olinqua, we don’t just deliver ground-breaking healthcare technology, we are also committed to delivering a collaborative, expert service that empowers hospitals as they evolve digitally. Reach out to our experienced team to find out more about our software and approach. 

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