Task Management

Enabling more efficient and cohesive workflows.

Task Management

Enabling more efficient and cohesive workflows.

Making everyone's job smarter, faster, better

Olinqua’s task management tools allow hospital managers to lead effectively through the live and collaborative allocation of operational and clinical tasks. 

Smart technology automates key status updates, responses, reporting and other norms that reduce overhead for individuals in their daily routines.

Empower leaders with easier task management.

Maximise efficiency across
the hospital.

Empower leaders with easier task management. ​

Olinqua’s Task Management solution is the digital connection between leaders who set tasks and staff who complete them. 

It offers a very simple and effective means for managers to create, assign and monitor tasks, while their teams accept an assignment and execute on it. 

Increasing efficiency and productivity by providing the opportunity to manage workflows more seamlessly, it also delivers a greater level of transparency and accountability.

Maximise efficiency across the hospital.

Supported by a powerful integration and automation engine, Olinqua tracks tasks from assignment and acceptance, through key milestones to completion. 

At each step, it records data for reporting, to allow hospital operations specialists to identify any roadblocks that arise, and refine and optimise future tasks accordingly.

Collectively, the data not only represents one person who completed one task, but delivers important insights that underpin reporting, and just as importantly, drive future planning.

Through our adoption of Olinqua, we have a lot less integration downtime and troubleshooting, resulting in time, cost and resource efficiencies for the Digital Health Solutions team and importantly, the wider hospital teams.”

Technical Services Manager, Western Sydney Local Health District

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