Westmead Hospital

From 1:1 to central integration.

Westmead Hospital

From 1:1 to central integration.

Leading transformation through integration

Westmead Hospital is a major tertiary hospital in Sydney, forming part of the Western Sydney Local Health District, and is a teaching hospital of Sydney Medical School at the University of Sydney. 

As part of its redevelopment program, its Emergency Department relocated to a new building – a 14-level, high-tech Central Acute Services Building – in mid-February 2021.

The Challenge

Westmead needed to enable people and systems to work together

As part of the Central Acute Services Building new build, Westmead’s Digital Health Solutions team wanted a coherent structure for all systems to be able to integrate centrally, rather than a 1:1 integration from various devices to another. They recognised the 1:1 resulted in complex software and hardware management, cost more and didn’t leave them much room to grow.  

  • Systems integration

    They needed to bring together a vast range of very different systems, from nurse call to building management, security to helipad lighting.

  • Staff safety

    Like many hospitals, Westmead also recognised the potential danger posed to its staff by increasing demand, and needed a duress solution to minimise risk.

  • New equipment

    As part of the build, it was also investing in a lot of new equipment -- and it intended to hold onto it! They need to know where their assets are at all times.

The Solution

Olinqua empowered efficiency through its integration platform

Olinqua’s interoperable and integrated technology was chosen as the Communications and Collaboration system to help deliver the Digital Health Solutions team’s new build requirements and support the required patient centric outcomes for Westmead’s Central Acute Services Building. 

  • Integration

    Forty-nine systems were seamlessly integrated, with Westmead now tracking data across all of them, in one, simple place.

  • Mobile duress

    In order to cover the expansive 110,000m2 hospital, without ever making staff reach for a wall button, mobile duress was implemented over all 14 floors.

  • Asset tracking

    Implemented across the business, asset tracking is used to ensure all equipment is in the right place so it can be found easily when the next person needs it.

The Result

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0 m2
0 Systems


0 Platform
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connected staff

To date, there has been no solution or integration that Olinqua cannot handle – from a hot water service to an enterprise BMS (Building Management System) or nurse call – the system has been able to integrate to all of our internal systems with ease.”

Technical Services Manager, Western Sydney Local Health District

What is IGNITE

Bringing hospital staff and technology together.

IGNITE is the powerful hospital operations platform that brings everything together, enabling a connected workforce and environment, to streamline processes, improve efficiency and significantly decrease costs. Start small with just one module, and add new solutions as your hospital grows.  

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