Linq Incident Management

Automated notifications for hospital staff for code calls or operational alarms.

Linq Incident Management

Automated notifications for hospital staff for code calls or operational alarms.

Smarter interventions, rapid responses.

Linq Incident Management transforms hospital incident response with its automated notification system. Whether it’s a code raised by nurses or an operational building management system alarm, such as a fire panel or patient bedside button, Linq acts as a Messaging Integration Engine (MIE), swiftly processing thousands of data points to deliver messages, notifications, and alarms seamlessly to the relevant hospital staff.

With a hospital-wide messaging capability, Linq can trigger specific protocols when needed, ensuring a prompt and targeted response. The system is context-aware, delivering relevant information precisely when required.

Linq also provides forensic reporting capabilities, offering valuable insights for continuous improvement. Empowering hospitals to prioritise patient care while maintaining readiness for rapid response when things don’t go according to plan.

Share critical information right from the start.

Inform the right person at the right time immediately.

Customise colour codes on local protocols.

Search, connect and initiate rapid responses.

Share critical information right from the start.​

Linq offers configurable code templates, designed specifically for emergency situations and tailored to the unique emergency codes used by various hospitals. These templates streamline reporting practices, guaranteeing smooth communication, especially in incidents requiring further escalation.

With a uniform and structured approach to information sharing across hospitals, Linq Incident Management ensures everyone is on the same page in the event of an incident, understanding the essential details they should receive and provide. This encompasses critical information such as the emergency location, personnel involved, and incident duration.

Code templates not only enhance reporting accuracy but also ensure well-coordinated response when details matter.

Inform the right person at the right time immediately.​

Linq Incident Management delivers targeted, timely information to appropriate staff and distinguishes responders from those notified for oversight. This refined approach improves role and job responsibility management within the hospital, optimising the efficiency of incident response teams for a more coordinated incident response.

Linq also reduces risks associated with incidents by providing instant alerts during emergencies. This focused communication accelerates the mobilisation of the right personnel, reducing response times and contributing to a safer hospital environment.

Customise colour codes on local protocols.​

Linq is easily customised to the existing codes used by nurses and doctors in the hospital – it’s like talking in their language! This ensures that the entire healthcare team can effortlessly understand and report incidents with just a few clicks on desktop or mobile right after deploying the software. No extensive staff training is required because Linq is intuitive and tailored to the unique needs of each hospital.

With Linq Incident Management it’s an easy and smooth transition into effective incident reporting and management.

Search, connect and initiate rapid responses.​

Linq’s live directory expedites emergency response. With access to a live on-call status roster, staff can quickly connect with specific groups like security or porters. This real-time visibility enables immediate identification of available team members, eliminating the need for time-consuming switchboard calls and interdepartmental transfers.

In emergencies, every moment counts, and Linq’s search feature ensures a direct line to the responders who are online and ready. This rapid access to the right personnel significantly accelerates response times, contributing to quicker interventions during critical situations in the hospital.

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