Olinqua TRaCK

Tag Registration and Control Kiosk.

Olinqua TRaCK

Tag Registration and Control Kiosk.

Keep TRaCK of mobile duress tags better

While mobile duress tags bring so much benefit to hospitals, managing their use can be challenging. 

Hospitals can lose money replacing lost tags, and time trying to keep tag records updated using manual methods like whiteboards or paper file systems. 

Olinqua’s Tag Registration and Control Kiosk (TRaCK) is an effortless, cost-effective solution that plugs right into your existing Olinqua and AiRISTA system and immediately provides you with a record of who is taking and returning tags every shift, sends reminders to staff to bring them back, and delivers comprehensive reports of user activity. 

Mobile duress tag tracking system

The benefits of TRaCK

Saves time

Cuts down time currently spent on manual sign-in/sign-out processes.

Saves costs

Reduces the number of devices unaccounted for and reduces losses.

Easy to use

Simple and fast to implement with no training required. 

Expert support

Supported by an expert team, on standby to help you get started. 

1 +

Partnering with leading healthcare settings to connect people and systems, for better patient care. 

Healthcare professionals
7900 +

Enabling clinical and operational teams to communicate, manage tasks, and feel safer at work.

1 Mill+

Facilitating secure messages, media management and communication.

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At Olinqua, we don’t just deliver ground-breaking healthcare technology, we are also committed to delivering a collaborative, expert service that empowers hospitals as they evolve digitally. Reach out to our experienced team to find out more about TRaCK and our other solutions. 

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