Linq Hospital Communication

Secure communication and collaboration on mobile and web-enabled devices.

Linq Hospital Communications

Secure communication and collaboration on mobile and web-enabled devices.

Smarter, more secure way to share sensitive information.

Linq Hospital Communication makes it easy for hospital staff to send secure text messages to each other or to specific groups, like patient care teams, porters, and security. The system supports automated notifications for incoming data, system events, and workflows, enhancing collaboration among interdepartmental teams.

Linq integrates smoothly with the hospital’s existing systems, giving users an easy-to-understand interface and access based on their roles. It works on various devices, like smartphones, Wi-Fi phones, and pagers, even in places where the network signal isn’t great., ensuring secure messaging even in areas with limited network coverage.

Receive instant notifications for critical updates.

Find the right person in just a few clicks.

Sync up with your team on the move.

Keep patient data and conversations safe.

Receive instant notifications for critical updates.

Staying informed about what’s happening across the hospital is simple with Linq Hospital Communications. It allows for custom configurations, ensuring that when an incident occurs, the right message reaches the right person on the right device instantly.

Notifications can be muted using the Do-Not-Disturb mode, giving clinicians control over interruptions during surgery. However, they can also be configured to override silent modes when the emergency is too important to dismiss.

Find the right person, in just a few clicks.

Whether you’re searching for a specific team member, identifying key personnel within a department, or ensuring coverage during specific shifts, our directory offers a user-friendly and efficient solution.

With just a few clicks, Linq Hospital Communications navigates through a comprehensive directory featuring live availability status. This capability empowers hospital staff to effortlessly locate the right contact details by filtering through roles, departments, shifts, location, and other essential criteria. Simplify the process of finding the right person and save switchboard time with Linq’s dynamic self declared, on-shift directory.

Sync up with your team, promote safer care delivery.

Facilitate seamless collaboration in patient care with Linq Hospital Communications. Review patient care plans and details by engaging with relevant staff members on a smart device.

Linq allows you to organise care groups based on roles, teams, hospital floors, or other specified criteria. Ensure all relevant care team members actively participate in discussions and decision-regarding patient care. With a comprehensive history log in the chat, your team will no longer miss critical patient information during shift handovers, reducing the risk of errors and enhancing patient safety. 

Keep patient data safe with secure conversations.

Safeguard sensitive information with Linq Hospital Communications, an ISO 27001 certified platform, enabling closed-loop conversations via text or call. Eliminate the risks associated with non-secure apps, ensuring confidentiality and compliance with privacy regulations.

Our platform provides a secure environment for discussing critical and confidential information within your healthcare team, be it patient-related details, strategic planning, or sensitive operational information.

Utilise a protected space for communication. By choosing Linq, you mitigate potential breaches and uphold the highest standards of data security for your hospital ecosystem.

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