Incident Management

Seamless, coordinated response, by the right teams, at the right times.

Incident management

Seamless, coordinated response, by the right teams, at the right times.

Smarter management of messages, alarms and notifications

Olinqua’s Enterprise Messaging Integration Engine (MIE) enables its Incident Management solution. It processes all messages, notifications and alarms, and supports the delivery of information by providing:

  • Hospital-wide messaging capability
  • Triggers for specific protocols
  • Context awareness
  • Forensic reporting capabilities

Hospital-wide messaging capabilty.

Triggers for specific protocols.

Code information.

Forensic reporting capabilities.

Hospital-wide messaging capability.

Olinqua helps bridge clinical communication and collaboration gaps. 

It does this by integrating interrelated workflow and communication applications, such as personal directories, nurse call and alert solutions, and mobile devices (including pagers), to automate the handling and dispatching of hospital messages and alerts.

It reduces the cognitive load on staff, introduces greater efficiencies, and integrates seamlessly with all hospital systems and devices.

Triggers for specific protocols

The Olinqua platform enables hospitals to set protocols that will be activated when specific criteria is met, whether that’s an alarm being triggered, or an asset being moved outside hospital boundaries. 

Staff safety is a duty of care, and with safety becoming an increasing challenge in busy hospitals and healthcare settings, an important application of Olinqua’s technology is managing duress protocols.  

A part of the Incident Management module, mobile and fixed point duress alarms provide increased security measures for staff in at-risk hospital departments, where concerns for safety are often heightened.

Olinqua can integrate a variety of duress systems in fixed locations or mobile devices to provide workers with a direct line to help whenever personal assistance is needed.


To date, there has been no solution or integration that Olinqua cannot handle – from a hot water service to an enterprise BMS (Building Management System) or nurse call – the system has been able to integrate to all of our internal systems with ease.”

Technical Services Manager, Western Sydney Local Health District

Code information

Information is power, and any alarm or message that is activated is only as good as the information that is shared in the messaging it triggers.

Olinqua’s Incident Management solution sends accurate and custom information to ensure the correct equipment is gathered when any alarm or notification is triggered.

Forensic reporting capabilites

Olinqua’s technology solutions provide secured access to forensic reporting that enables staff to assess performance against important hospital KPI’s (for example, what protocols were followed, how long were response times).

The fully-traceable and detailed reporting removes staff overheads and administrative burden, creating more efficient and accountable workplaces, while improving productivity and patient responsiveness.

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Incident Management

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