Secure Messaging

User-friendly, simple and effective communications.

Secure Messaging

User-friendly, simple and effective communications.

Send and receive individual and group messages safely

Olinqua’s messaging solution facilitates the secure exchange of text communications between all platform users, including automated notifications from incoming data, system events and workflows.

This enables staff to create closed and secure message groups for support and assistance from peers, along with the ability to list speciality team groups for specific wards, floors or cases.

Increase knowledge, transparency and communication.

Customise communication to meet your needs.

Increase knowledge, transparency and communication.

Open and transparent, yet safe and secure communication is at the centre of any successful business, especially hospitals and healthcare settings. 

Olinqua’s platform makes sharing information, insights and even media easy and risk-free, with robust messaging features available at the click of a button or the tap of a screen. 

Hospital staff have already recognised the need to be able to communicate efficiently while on the go, and have turned to risky options to do so. Olinqua delivers a purpose-built solution that meets all the stringent privacy, record-keeping and reporting requirements of hospitals. 

Customise to meet your needs.

Hospitals are made up of hundreds of distinct groups and populations. While everyone needs to work together as one well-oiled machine, for that to be truly effective, first they must work together as part of smaller groups. 

Olinqua allows staff to customise the way they communicate to meet their specific needs. 

Whether they need to securely share with one other staff member, they need support from their unit, they need to get a message out, or have a discussion across the entire floor, creating a conversation or a group is quick, easy and effective. 

Through our adoption of Olinqua, we have a lot less integration downtime and troubleshooting, resulting in time, cost and resource efficiencies for the Digital Health Solutions team and importantly, the wider hospital teams.”

Technical Services Manager, Western Sydney Local Health District

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Secure Messaging

At Olinqua, we don’t just deliver ground-breaking healthcare technology, we are also committed to delivering a collaborative, expert service that empowers hospitals as they evolve digitally. Reach out to our experienced team to find out more about our software and approach. 

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