Our Services

We support you as you select, implement and optimise your solutions.

Our Services

We support you as you select, implement and optimise your solutions.

Enabling customer success

Providing software, and the service that goes with it.

At Olinqua, we feel delivery of both the software AND the service in our SaaS offering deserve equal attention — after all, that’s how we can help ensure success for all of our customers. 

Our dedicated and expert team works with you, to better understand your multi-faceted needs, to determine and roll out a strategic implementation plan, and to provide training and support, to increase successful uptake and maximise return on your investment. 


We work with you to understand your environment, challenges and desired outcomes.


We guide you through a best practice implementation approach to eradicate downtime. 

Customer success

We support a four-stage customer success program to enable true confidence.


We tailor multi-level support packages to meet the needs of every customer. 


We know the best way we can help you be successful is first by understanding your business — really listening — so we can define what you need at all stages of your journey with us. Our consulting service is designed around our focus on listening to our customers:

  • Pre-implementation consultation

    We work closely with all stakeholders to create a current state picture, that is used to create a future state process map with recommended solutions.

  • Design phase consultation

    With recommended solutions signed off, we dive deeper to understand requirements of every user, documentation and sign off, to guide the build.

  • User testing consultation

    Once a technical and functional build is complete, we conduct customer user acceptance testing (UAT) to ensure the built solution works as per captured requirements.

  • Training consultation

    After UAT, we consult with everyone who will use or be affected by the new solution to understand the best way to deliver onboarding for successful adoption.


After successfully implementing our solutions at 80+ hospitals, we have developed a waterfall project management style that adheres to the very specific needs of healthcare settings. 

Using this approach, we can clearly define requirements and an accurate timeline; measure progress against milestones; thoroughly map projects and reduce delays; and deliver training and supporting documentation to enable a seamless transition to the new solution. Here’s how we do it:

1. Kick off

We align all stakeholders on the scope of the project and agree on key elements, including schedule, accountabilities and points of contact.

2. Design

We share capability and industry best practice for technical and functional design, and define document and sign off requirements.

3. Build

We build a technical platform and configure Olinqua, as per the customer requirements, to enable the solution testing phase.

4. Testing

We conduct Customer User Acceptance testing (UAT) to ensure the platform and solution meet the agreed requirements.

5. Training

We provide custom training, as agreed in our plan. As-built documentation, training guides and support information are provided.

6. Go-live

We transition Olinqua’s system into a productive environment and support all users through the launch via onsite, on-call and training resources.

7. Close

With the project signed-off, we hand-over to client operations and our customer success team to provide ongoing support.

Customer success

By working in partnership with our customers, we drive their positive experience and ensure everyone who uses Olinqua has a successful path for adoption, satisfaction and outcomes achievement, now and into the future.

  • Onboarding

    We help users become familiar with Olinqua by delivering custom training and account set up, and access to support.

  • Adoption

    Digital knowledge bases are made available to all users to help customers build their confidence with using the platform.

  • Health check

    We assess project alignment, adoption and gaps after implementation, to identify any challenges to success.

  • Growth

    Our expert team reviews performance to identify where Olinqua can further streamline workflows and increase productivity.


While our technology is upgraded every 6 weeks, and our entire application is mirrored in a replicated data centre, to support businesses with reliability and stability, that is just the start of our post-service support. Olinqua offers three support levels you can select from, to meet the specific requirements of your business:


Technical and customer support, 8am – 5pm daily via telephone or email.


24/7 technical and customer support, accessible via phone or email.

Premium Plus

Premium offerings plus variable custom options – such as onsite support – to support the unique needs of the hospital.

Healthcare settings we support