Facility Monitoring

Effective monitoring of essential services

Alarms and notifications for fridges, doors, temperatures and more

Busy engineering teams require up-to-date information in order to stay on top of facility performance. 

To enable and equip these teams, Olinqua’s facility monitoring and alarming solutions can be set to notify floor staff and/or engineering teams to ensure efficient and effective building management. 

'Catch' temperature fluctuations

Monitor and report on essential stock

A faulty fridge compressor in a hospital could spell disaster for medication storage and potentially lead to thousands of dollars of stock loss.​

Olinqua’s systems, through in-situ probes and AI technology can identify risk trends in fridge temperature and performance and can simultaneously initiate tasks to engineering to rectify the root problem while also sending urgent notifications to nursing staff to relocate contents prior to them being compromised. 

Faster response to malfunction alarms

Innovative technology to assist in monitoring essential services

Unexpected door or lift malfunctions can be identified and actioned by the Olinqua system even before someone presses an alarm button.​

In the event of a lift malfunction, for example, the Olinqua system integration can automatically:

Improve the monitoring efficiency
of healthcare facilities