Meet Olinqua’s Clinical Advisory Board Members

December 16, 2022

Subject matter experts – SMEs – are extremely valuable for any company, but especially so in the healthcare industry. Why?

The healthcare industry is very distinct from other industries and requires specialised industry knowledge to –  in our case here at Olinqua – understand the challenges and opportunities faced by hospital workforce and environments so that we are able to build effective digital solutions to support them. 

For example, our engineers and product and software developers might know how to build great applications. But what the applications should do to help support hospital staff members feel more confident that their safety is safeguarded or to further empower them to focus on patient care – that knowledge and expertise will need to come from the subject matter experts. 

A clinical advisory board guiding Olinqua

The subject matter experts at Olinqua – the ones who have a deeper understanding and knowledge of a particular field and how it operates – are members of our Clinical Advisory Board. 

Our Clinical Advisory Board provides strategic advice and domain expertise towards Product Development, Delivery and Engagement. 

Olinqua’s board membership takes into account that healthcare involves different workers – from doctors to nurses, paramedics and many others. Our board members have served in various key positions in the healthcare industry and are able to lend their existing knowledge and in-industry ongoing insights, culture and trends to ensure that our technology solutions are always relevant. 

Meet our Chief Nursing Information Officer

Making up one half of our two Clinical Board members is Sarah Hughes – Olinqua’s Chief Nursing Information Officer. 

Sarah is a senior healthcare leader with 20+ years nursing experience, who is also an advocate for the digital health space, helping clinicians to leverage technology in a way that enhances both the patient experience and the clinician’s normal workflow. 

Sarah’s passion for supporting nurses and clinicians to feel empowered and confident to provide the best patient care service is evident through her leadership role and involvement in rolling out Mater Education’s expansion of the Diploma of Enrolled Nursing into Northern Queensland – a geographical remote location. 

At Olinqua, Sarah provides her valuable  insights and experience into the nursing workforce, informing our development of communications solutions in workflow, task management, mobile duress and automation within healthcare organisations. 

In addition, Sarah’s focus on psychological safety within high performing and functioning teams is leading Olinqua’s workforce and work environments, where every member is empowered to do their job and can feel confident about their abilities to not only share wins but also hard challenges and barriers, anytime. 

Say hello to Dr Seng Lee 

As Olinqua’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr Seng Lee provides invaluable knowledge and support in identifying challenges and issues within the healthcare sector that can be improved with the implementation of digital health innovations and/or products. 

Dr Lee is a paediatric rheumatologist and general paediatrician, treating kids and adolescents with various musculoskeletal and autoimmune disorders so they can be happy, healthy and active.

Outside of Olinqua,  he is currently the Head of Department of Rheumatology at Perth Children’s Hospital. Dr Lee has a special interest in General Paediatrics, Connective Tissue Diseases, Vasculitis, Musculoskeletal Medicine, Hypermobility Disorders, Musculoskeletal Pain Disorders.

Dr Lee’s passion for improving the workflow, staff efficiency and patient safety in the healthcare sector helps us to create digital solutions that gives everyone in the healthcare sector more time (via removal of some manual tasks), better collaboration (with integrated task management), faster response times for emergency to day to day requests (through our message integration engine). 

Connect with our Medical Advisory Board 

Interested in finding out more how digital healthcare can empower, accelerate and transform our healthcare workforce and environments? Sarah and Senq would be keen to further chat about all things health technology and innovation.

You can connect with them via LinkedIn or get in touch via our contact form.