A passionate,
experienced team

Meet the team

We are a team focused on bringing ingenuity, simplicity, and humanity to the health industry, improving staff and patient experiences.

Passion for improving the work life of those that work in health services and the care they have of patients – drives our people. 

This coupled with a strong local knowledge of Australian hospitals operations and processes and thirst for creating innovative, technology-inspired outcomes for our customers, are leading the development of Olinqua.

Our leadership team

Executive Director for Western Australia

Jemma has almost 20 years experience in business leadership and human resources, and 6 years in innovation and transformation. She currently heads up Olinqua’s Western Coast teams.

Martin Moszczynski

Martin Moszczynski

Founder, Chief Product Officer

Martin has 20 years experience as a solution architect in IT, specialising in integration and Microsoft enterprise technologies, with 11 years focused exclusively on health projects.

Alina Markina

Alina Markina

Head of Sales and Marketing
Alina has 14 years of experience working within the integrated sales, marketing, customer success and partnerships for world leading technology companies.
Jacky Soh

Jacky Soh

Head of Customer Support

Jacky is a skilled IT professional focused on high customer experience outcomes in a Project Implementation environment.

Sam Gallagher

Chief Financial Officer
Sam has 5+ years experience in a financial management role, managing a complex multinational company with nine subsidiaries.
Arthur Haycraft

Arthur Haycraft


Arthur has 20+ years of experience in product development, sales and consulting for leading digital healthcare solutions.

Jeremy Brady

"Jez" Brady

Head of Delivery

Jeremy is a health executive and project management leader with  10+ years of working within large private enterprises, customer focused public sector agencies, and WA Health.

Portrait Image of David

David Paré

Chief Technology Officer

David is a strategic product and technology leader, with over 20+ years experience leading product development and go-to market strategies for global enterprises with a focus on Health IT.

Our advisory board

Our Clinical Advisory Board provides strategic advice and domain expertise towards Product Development, Delivery, and Engagement.

Sarah Hughes

Chief Nursing
Information Officer

Sarah is a senior healthcare leader with 20+ years nursing experience. Sarah’s work and passion is focused on improving patient care service, maximising quality and safety practices and workflow solutions through digital transformation and process automation. 

Dr Senq Lee

Chief Medical
Dr Senq Lee is a paediatric rheumatologist and general paediatrician, and is currently the Head of Department of Rheumatology at Perth Children’s Hospital. Dr Lee has a special interest in General Paediatrics, Connective Tissue Diseases, Vasculitis, Musculoskeletal Medicine, Hypermobility Disorders, Musculoskeletal Pain Disorders