Supporting Cloud Healthcare for Australian Hospitals

December 16, 2022

We’re excited to announce that Olinqua will be part of the Wild Health and Medical Republic’s  Cloud Healthcare Summit throughout November 2021 – March 2022.

The Summit is an opportunity for CIOs, CTOs and CXOs of Australian healthcare facilities to find out more about:

  • the key trends in cloud healthcare management,
  • technology, reform and funding which are mandating a system shift to cloud provision of services between government, providers and patients.

The Summit will be conducted over two sessions:

  • Via an online webinar that will examine: “101 cloud for every Australian healthcare provider” on Tuesday 23 November;
  • Through a face to face event in Sydney in March 2022 (more information to follow)

Join a deep dive into Cloud Healthcare

What is Cloud Healthcare? A definition is: a cloud computing service used by health care providers for storing, maintaining and backing up personal heath information and workflows.

It provides capabilities to manage health data at scale and make it easier for healthcare organisations to improve the patient experience, coordinate care, and drive operational efficiency, while helping support security, compliance, and interoperability of health data.

Our Founder and CTO – Martin Moszczynski – will be part of a panel discussion with representatives from Nutanix and HealthTech X to answer some current questions on:

  • Where cloud healthcare is being applied today successfully: case studies.
  • Who is already losing out and what are the implications?
  • What could cloud healthcare look like in five years time?
  • Mapping big picture needs: on prem, hybrid, latency and transition.
  • Transitioning strategy and finances.

Olinqua’s CTO shares knowledge

Martin is the Founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Olinqua. He is a technology visionary and Dean’s List alumni of Melbourne Business School, who has worked with large clients spanning various public and private sectors both in Australia and internationally, in a diverse career spanning over 20 years. 

Martin’s specific areas of focus include data analytics, human-machine interfaces and rapidly emerging technologies like VR and AI. 

Prior to Olinqua, Martin has held many digital leadership positions, as the CTO of CarePage, Reporting and GIS Manager for Victoria’s Department of Health and Human Services.  

Register for Cloud Healthcare Webinar today!

We’d like to extend an invitation to all digital health professionals to join us in this FREE webinar on Tuesday 23 November 2021, 9am AEDT.

To secure your spot please register via the WildHealth site. If you are not able to attend, we recommend you still register to get a copy of the webinar recording.

Of course, Martin and the Olinqua team are also available to answer all questions on cloud healthcare anytime. Get in touch for a chat.