Why Olinqua

  • Workforce digital enablement is our specialty

    We are a group of passionate professionals who are committed to architecting world-class, intuitive, dynamic workforce software for the digital world. Ingenuity and innovation are not new buzzwords for us, it’s part of how we solve complex business problems.

    By focussing on how people really work, we combine system data, both existing and new, in a meaningful way designed for individuals.

    Bringing it all together so they know what to do, what’s most important, where everything is, where everyone is, how your team is involved and how to get help – all in one place. Communications that are concise, clear, comprehensive, centralised and context specific.

  • We are domain experts

    Healthcare technology is an industry where we have significant experience and understand the unique challenges presented in care settings.

    The enterprise-system world and great customer experiences based on real-life scenarios are our specialty. Specifically, for the purposes of workforce enablement and digital transformation work.

    Location and spatially-aware technology, we have a world-class messaging engine which brings everything together.

  • Our core values

    We never lose sight of fundamental principles in doing right by others to conduct business properly.

    We know that doing what is right by our team, our customers, our partners and our colleagues is the only way to be successful. We also know we wouldn’t have it any other way.

  • Nothing happens without people

    We have a talented interdisciplinary and multinational team who think globally and act locally.

    Working with other experts: We continuously engage with industry leaders and teams, do innovation projects with global companies and work alongside people immersed in workforce operations to validate our path.

  • Our technology

    Our Olinqua IGNITE digital enablement platform offers powerful system and device integration coupled with a comprehensive set of modules to underpin many aspects of hospital operations. It is the gold standard for messaging integration, infrastructure and workforce enablement in Australian healthcare.

We always welcome engagement regarding our mutual business.