New Olinqua CEO, Jemma Iles, aims to reduce preventable hospital deaths

July 4, 2023

Meet the Australian woman with a bold plan to make global hospitals smarter, faster, and safer for all

MELBOURNE, 6 JUNE 2023 Olinqua, the company behind Australia’s leading intelligent automation platform for hospitals, has today announced that global healthcare and industry leader, Jemma Iles, will step into the role of Chief Executive Officer.

Jemma will lead the 40-strong team as it continues to develop and deploy ground-breaking technology in Australian hospitals and abroad, integrating disconnected systems, and drawing on the power of intelligent automation to enable instant actions that save lives.   

“Improving patient outcomes by modernising the operational and clinical systems within hospitals has been a major focus of my career,” says Jemma. “I am thrilled to be stepping into the CEO role of such a dynamic company, and an Australian leader in health technology.”

“I’m looking forward to working with Olinqua’s expert team and our cutting-edge partners, to not just deliver real impact to our strained healthcare sector where it is most needed, but to markedly advance the effectiveness and safety of every Australian hospital.”

Hospitals at home and overseas are struggling with unmanageable increases in demand, and the introduction of intelligent automation will reduce the burden on frontline and operational workers.

“We know high demand is negatively affecting every department within hospitals, with accuracy in communication a major casualty”, says Jemma. “One study found that 450,000 patients are adversely impacted by failures in communication while in hospital [1]. Another study found that communication errors were the lead cause in 14,000 in-hospital deaths in Australian healthcare. [2]

“Bringing together data from across all hospital devices, people and systems can decrease the need for manual entry as well as creating a ‘bigger picture’ of every patient situation. Using this accurate evidence, the right decisions and actions can be instantly automated and the human toll of an industry under pressure, reduced.”

As CEO of Olinqua, Jemma will champion the benefits of hospitals looking beyond digital transformation. Olinqua’s market-leading intelligent automation system is a healthcare game-changer – ensuring hospital workers are connected with accurate information and insights, when and where they need them. 

In her 20 years of professional experience, Jemma has been responsible for driving collaboration on innovative projects across multiple government and non-government agencies, industry, and academic institutions, and has a strong track record for achieving positive change.

In addition to winning multiple business awards, Jemma’s ability to build relationships and influence at an international level has seen her appointed as the Australian founding member of the Global Council of Innovative Organisations (GCIO) in 2021, in partnership with the Global Innovation Management Institute (Boston, US) and the Dubai Government Excellence Program (UAE), a position she continues to hold. She was WA Innovation Hub Director (COVID-19 Response), supporting the Government of Western Australia, from May to July 2020. Jemma also continues to participate in global think tank groups and conferences.

In her role at South Metropolitan Health Service (SMHS), based at Fiona Stanley Hospital (FSH), Jemma also led teams that supported transformation projects that saw a 25% redirection of patients away from emergency for FSH.

“The board and I are delighted to have Jemma Iles step into the CEO role at Olinqua,” said Martin Moszczynski, Olinqua Chairman and CEO of parent company, Omnesse. “Her experience, knowledge, and connections are world-class, and we look forward to the next chapters of Olinqua’s growth under her leadership.”