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Understanding the hospital pager environment

Empower frontline and clinical teams with secure, effective communications

Since its first use in a New York City Hospital in 1950, pagers have and still – today – continue to play an important part for doctors and staff in hospitals.  

Their affordability and “deeply entwined in legacy systems” status makes them a cornerstone of communications amongst healthcare workers. 

However, one of the important questions we at Olinqua get asked when it comes to improving paging services is: 

How can healthcare leaders and their IT team support their hospital workforce to continue using their cost-effective paging systems today, whilst also preparing for a modern, connected ecosystem for next generation digital hospitals? 

Paging Transition Option

Looking beyond a paging solution

A communications platform for the whole business 

Today, implementing a “modern” paging system or “modern” middleware system into your facility is going to create another message-centric tool that just replicates what your last paging system did, but with nicer interfaces, more integration opportunities etc.  

It is like-for-like situation.  

With the digitalisation of hospitals, the emergence of EMRs (Electronic Medical Record), and other advances, your communication platform should be broad enough to both support legacy technology but also offer you the gateway into both new and emerging communication technology, but also into new and emerging technology elsewhere in the business. 

It should truly support the Internet of Things, offering connectivity into emerging edge devices that can provide business data for systems and people to act on. It should support the changing core infrastructure within “smart buildings.”  

Paging options with Olinqua

Supporting every and any stage of your hospitals' paging journey

Through our work in over 80 healthcare facilities across Australia, team Olinqua appreciates that not every hospital is able to choose a complete solution – like IGNITE – to transition pagers to a unified communications and collaboration system for the whole business.  

Hence, we are pleased to offer the following solutions to suit the context of current resourcing and operations requirements:

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A future proof solution: IGNITE for unified communications and Collaboration

IGNITE offers a transformational platform that supports connectivity of all systems to create automated notifications and alerts to pagers, whilst also opening opportunities for asset tracking, environment monitoring, mobile duress, and workflow management for the whole business. 

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“Modern” Paging System via Messaging Integration Engine

For healthcare facilities with resources to just focus on improving the user interface and increase integration options, Olinqua’s Messaging Integration Engine acts as a powerful middleware platform to connect into more hospital systems than any other competitor platform. 

Option 1: Olinqua IGNITE

A complete digital solution for smarter, safer, and better healthcare

Olinqua’s IGNITE platform does all the traditional, simplistic integration, and of course offers a rich, modern array of mechanisms, allowing connection via API (Application Programming Interfaces), web services etc. and all the required outputs to a hospital’s chosen mobile device – Wi-Fi phones, SMS, a smartphone app, email – and, of course, pagers.  

However, IGNITE’s alerting, and messaging capability is simply a commodity subset of the deeper platform’s transformational stance, offering a whole of business benefit, that makes the cost and resource investment far more beneficial than a simple paging replacement.  

The Olinqua IGNITE application architecture is modular, comprising two distinct layers: the connected environment and connected workforce. 

Messenger Integration Engine

Identified benefits of IGNITE as a complete paging replacement solution: 


High return on investment

IGNITE opens solutions that can be accessed anytime – staff safety, asset tracking, facilities management.  

Paging transition Network

More connected working environment

IGNITE integrates into more hospital systems than any competitor, offering real time, synchronised communications to all healthcare workers.  

Paging transition Cost Effective

Reduced costs and better analytics

Olinqua IGNITE integration can be integrated to an array of location data sources and technologies. 

Paging transition_Empower

An enabled digital workforce for successful adoption and result

Olinqua’s services team – from consulting, implementation, training, support, and customer success – manage change while minimising cost and risk for successful adoption. 

Option 2: Messaging Integration Engine

"Middleware platform" connecting disparate systems

Olinqua’s Messaging Integration Engine acts as middleware platform – receiving messages from different systems, modifies them into formats that can be understood by the receiving systems, and subsequently distributes the messages to all the devices that a healthcare facility uses. 

Identified benefits of MIE (Messaging Integration Engine) as a more user friendly and connected paging solution:  


Better user interface

Olinqua’s MIE paging solution offers a friendlier and easier user interface for switchboard operators to manage and for the end users – nurses, doctors, clinicians – to view and respond to. 

Paging Transition Integrations

More integration opportunities

A Messaging Integration Engine allows more connection to a growing set of external systems that might contribute to better safety and wellbeing of healthcare workers. 

Paging transition Resource Effective

Cost and resource effective

MIE interfaces easily with other existing communications and workflow systems, helping to reduce the costs associated with building customised integration solutions. 

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Our team have worked with various hospitals around Australia and have partnered with leading pager providers to enhance and/or replace pagers in healthcare facilities. 

Together, we offer powerful solutions to support paging systems today whilst preparing for a smart, digital hospital tomorrow, ensuring that healthcare facilities and its workforce are continually supported throughout every aspect of their paging journey. 

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