Integration Engine

Digital solution to integrate systems

Helping bridge the clinical communication and collaboration gaps

Many Australian hospitals are moving towards a more integrated and interoperable core clinical communications system to help facilitate the exchange of data between systems in one hospital and/or across different hospitals. 

Olinqua’s Messaging Integration Engine (MIE) helps bridge clinical communication and collaboration gaps. It does this by incorporating interrelated workflow and communication applications such as personal directories, nurse call and alert solutions, and mobile devices (including pagers) to automate the handling and dispatching of hospital messages and alerts.

Messaging Integration Engine

A solution built with the end user in mind

User interface created with such care and consideration that they become invisible

When building our MIE technology, our team and clinical advisory board had these criteria in mind:

An integration engine with powerful features

Delivering complex and large-scale enterprise projects

To ensure successful adoption and long-term use, Olinqua set out to reimagine a clinical communication and collaboration solution with the following key features:

Skills-based routing

Required for effective task and workflow orchestration.

Clinical directory

Search for colleagues in a unified clinical directory.

Systems integration

Exchange information with EMR and other clinical systems.

Context awareness

Required to manage workflows across locations, times of days, etc.

Self-service role assignment

Easily sign in and out of roles, on-call assignments and locations.

Critical notifications

Receive immediate and reliable notification of critical events

Flow-on benefits from a connected environment

Improve patient outcomes, reduce costs, and boost efficiency

The right integration Messaging Integration Engine automates hospital alerts and notifications, making sure that the right person receives the right message in a timely manner. This in turn can improve healthcare workers and clinicians’ response times. 

By providing a platform for real-time notifications and improving efficiency, nurses and clinicians will have more time to spend with each patient.

Finally, Olinqua’s MIE that interfaces easily with other existing communications and workflow systems helps to reduce the costs associated with building customised integration solutions. 

Improve care with a leading
system integration platform