Olinqua Joins Expert Panel on Digital Health Workforce Enablement

December 16, 2022

We’re pleased to announce that Olinqua’s Chief Nursing Information Officer, Sarah Hughes, will share her real-life experience and expert knowledge as a panel member at the Talking Health Tech (THT) Summer Summit on Thursday 3 February 2022! Sarah will be part of a panel discussion on “What is workforce enablement in healthcare?” talking about how we can empower our frontline workers with digital health capabilities and tools.


About Talking Health Tech Summit

The Talking Health Tech Summer Summit will be a full-day, virtual event held over 12 sessions, with over 40 highly knowledgeable speakers: ranging from doctors, developers and decision makers in the Australian health tech scene.

The THT Summit is an opportunity for key players and influencers from the Australian health tech scene to learn, network and collaborate with their peers in an engaging and interactive online event.

The Summit features digital health advancements in the areas of clinical trials, artificial intelligence, cyber-security, general practice, fem-tech founders, virtual care, workforce enablement and many more.


Join the discussion on Workforce Enablement in healthcare

Our Chief Nursing Information Officer Sarah Hughes will be part of a panel discussion with representatives Louise Schaper from the Australasian Institute of Digital Health and Bernie Gibbons from InfoMedix with moderator Simon Terry to discuss Workforce Enablement through digital empowerment.

What is workforce enablement in healthcare? One definition that resonates with us is giving staff the support they need to perform their jobs.

The need for a connected healthcare system is greater than ever – one that’s accessible, progressive and secure. As we have outlined before, technology is and will continue to play a great part in achieving smarter, better, safer healthcare.

What inevitably is associated with digital healthcare is of course equipping the healthcare workforce with the tools and capabilities they require in this growing digital first world of healthcare?

The question we at Olinqua get asked all the time as part the consultation and training of our digital first solution in Australian hospitals is “how best can organisations and systems support its workforce to continue to deliver quality and safe digital healthcare services?”

The THT Summit panel session theme will discuss the following

  • What are the tools and capabilities that frontline workers need in this digital first world of healthcare?
  • How best can organisation and systems support the workforce to continue to deliver quality and safe healthcare services?


Olinqua’s Chief Nursing Information Officer shares rich knowledge & experience

As a senior healthcare leader with 20+ years nursing, multiple years teaching experience and involvement in every service delivery aspect of implementing Olinqua in Australian hospitals, Sarah has valuable real life, current experience and long-term vision when it comes to enabling our healthcare workers digitally.

“Enabling a healthcare workforce who are already overloaded with everyday tasks to learn and adopt digital health systems and tools can be a big ask.” Said Sarah.

“It is important then to look at the context that our healthcare workforce is currently operating in but also the long-term opportunities for digital health education and enablement.”

Some of the insights that Sarah will share at the panel will centre around key themes of:

  • Empower with a sense of purpose: Just like any worker, our frontline workers equally want a sense of purpose – why, how, what – clearly communicated and opened for discussions.
  • Provide tools that match the context: Think about the reality of a frontline worker’s day-to-day activities to pair this with practical technology to automate workflow and integrate appropriately for a patient centric experience.
  • Long-Term Impact: We need to address the issue that healthcare staff are often not exposed to digital technology solutions and workflows during their study, so we must look towards education and training objectives to digitally empower our future clinicians.


Register for THT Summit Digital Workforce Enablement webinar session today!

We’d like to extend an invitation to all frontline healthcare managers and digital health professionals to join the Talking Health Tech Summit on Thursday 3rd February 2022, 8am – 5.30pm (AEDT).

We encourage you to get involved for the whole day but if you can only make it to Sarah’s session, she will be on from 4:30-5:00pm (AEDT).

To secure your spot please purchase your ticket/s via the Talking HealthTech site: https://www.talkinghealthtech.com/summit.

If you can’t attend, the Olinqua team are also available to answer all questions on workforce enablement in healthcare anytime. Get in touch for a chat.