How technology is accelerating, transforming and empowering Australian digital hospitals

December 16, 2022

During our customer conversations with Executive teams, clinicians, and hospital staff, we often hear the same story.  

That is, there are often too many systems within the hospital. Facility management and clinical operations are traditionally handled separately.  

There are different teams, many different systems, and multiple ways of communication and collaboration. All of which can hold healthcare facilities back from achieving a truly automated and integrated patient centric experience. 

Smarter, safer and more efficient digital hospitals 

Core to Olinqua’s technology is helping hospitals implement seamless communication and collaboration between highly interdependent workflow environments.

We offer actionable solutions and the ability to capture daily data analytic to meet your service demands. We know, there are many other healthcare vendors aspiring to do the same. It is a competitive market.  

However, we believe in helping you deliver high standards of safe, staff and patient centered care, holistically and efficiently. We do this by listening to your needs and improving hospital wide workflows. 

Let’s take a look at five use cases of how technology is supporting smarter, safer and more efficient digital hospitals!  

Better, faster critical incident management  

Olinqua’s critical incident response technology has been carefully developed to offer hospital staff the tools they need to respond quickly and efficiently to emergency situations. 

We enable automated communications between hospital wide messaging systems, emergency codes, bespoke triggers for specific groups and roles, and the ability to pull reports for quality and control, occupational health and safety and clinical governance reporting.   

Hospital wide messaging, triggers for protocols, code information and traceable follow up care when incidents occur are now automated for communications to all staff and teams for effective reactions and management. 

This enables a seamless, coordinated response, to the right teams at the right times! 

Safe work environments and facilities 

Olinqua’s mobile and fixed point duress alarms provide increased security measures for staff high risk hospital departments, where heightened concerns for staff safety are often present.

Personal safety for hospital staff beyond patient care can help staff feel more confident that their safety is safeguarded, empowering them to focus on delivering quality customer service and patient care. 

Efficient facility monitoring  

Our alerts and monitoring allow the users the ability to ‘catch’ temperature fluctuations before medicines are at risk of being exposed to further temperature fluctuations.  

This prevents loss of expensive stock. 

Olinqua’s facility monitoring also advises of lift malfunctions and room temperature changes to relevant building and maintenance services. We use AI technology to assist you in monitoring and reporting on these essential services. 

Connected workforce and effective workflows 

Healthcare teams work in complex adaptive systems that change moment by moment. Acknowledging and understanding the cognitive workload and complex interactions are paramount to Olinqua.  

We want collaboration and communication to be user friendly, simple and effective. We also aim to empower clinicians to remain connected across the patient care continuum.  

How do we do that via technology? Whilst you’re on the go, in a mobile environment. You can text, chat, private message, share files and images (encrypted patient data) to improve response times and assist you to provide on the spot care. 

Assisting with clinical communications, you can also view shift changes, patient updates, handover notes, anytime, anywhere within the healthcare environment. 

A connected workforce with effective workflows facilitates a more productive working environment, which in turn can contribute to overall staff morale and communications with each other. 

Real time asset tracking 

We understand that hospital asset management is complex. Olinqua’s location intelligence combines a real-time location system, allowing you to track and protect the critical assets within the hospital.  

Rest assured your healthcare-specific assets, such as beds, wheelchairs, electrocardiograms, intravenous pumps, and more, can be successfully tracked and managed.  You can view your inventory levels, for optimal inventory procurement management. Helping you to maintain and audit stock levels and stores. 

This can empower hospitals to continue their focus on providing seamless, efficient planned care delivery and services to patients.  

Get in touch  

For questions on and more solutions for smarter digital hospitals, we invite you to get in touch with our healthcare consultants. 

Or contact our customer service team for a demo of how Olinqua can help support safety, efficiency and productivity in your hospital and health care facility.