Olinqua Welcomes Digital Health Leader – Arthur Ong – as Chief Executive Officer

December 16, 2022

Olinqua recently announced the appointment of Arthur Ong as its Chief Executive Officer, rounding up a strong C-level leadership team who will continue leading Olinqua as a globally recognised thought leader and innovator in next generation workforce technologies.  

Arthur Ong has over 20 years of experience in project management, business development, marketing, running businesses and prior to joining Olinqua had founded and managed Progressive Medical, a leading digital heath consultancy. At Progressive Medical, Arthur and his team had built a VR simulation application that allowed surgeons to practice before surgery. 

A passion for healthcare driving Olinqua’s leadership 

“I am honoured to be stepping into the role of CEO for Olinqua, joining a team of talented and passionate people who are driven towards empowering our hospitals and its workforce – our important frontline workers – to safeguard patients’ lives and community health,” said Arthur.  

“Eight years ago, my younger brother passed away at the City to Surf and it shook me to my core and made me reconsider my WHY.” 

“As I started to reevaluate my purpose, I wanted to do something which allowed me to help people more directly and this pointed me in the direction of healthcare and technology, which is continuing here at Olinqua.” 

New generation of workforce technologies is coming 

With many hospitals and health care facilities around Australia continually under pressure with a global pandemic and increased demand for critical care, whilst also battling understaffing, Olinqua is poised to deliver new generation digital solutions to support improved efficiencies and productivity. 

“Olinqua first delivered its hospital alarming and messaging solution in 2012, and subsequently its first clinical task management system in 2013.”

“Close to a decade later, Olinqua continues to innovate the digital care space, supporting the workforce and environment of over 70 Australian hospitals and new builds across the country.”  

“With a focus on leveraging the capabilities of modern unified communications, location services and mobility, Olinqua is set to enhance workforce safety and productivity, which ultimately lead to better patient outcomes.”  

“I am truly excited to work with our teams, our world-leading Partners and distributors, and our current and future customers to deliver better care with powerful, intuitive tools.”  

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