Customised training to meet specific solutions

Dedicated Training Team for successful digital adoption

At Olinqua, we understand that the success of any digital solution depends on the ease and effectiveness of adoption of the technology by its users. ​

That is why our training services are never “off-the shelf” or a “cut and paste” job. Instead, our Training Team takes the time to understand the scope of work, solutions desired and respect the environment that our customers are operating in to create a bespoke, current best practice training program.   


Empowering everyone with knowledge and confidence

Our training focus on empowering everyone who uses Olinqua – from clinical team members through to the ICT technicians, switchboard operators and everyone in between – to: 

Training for success

Some of the key aspects of our customised training services are: 

Industry expert training

Olinqua provides hospital wide training, segmented into specific teams and/or workforce sections. The segmented training is then delivered by industry experts who understand the team’s needs more intimately because they themselves work in that sector.

For example, our Chief Nursing Information Officer would lead the training for Nurse Unit Managers and clinical staff, alongside Switchboard, while our engineers will support learning with building, maintenance, security teams and ICT technicians.

Long term impact

Our Clinical Advisory Board assists in the design, development, and validation of our educational materials based on current best practice. Part of their commitment is to address systemic digital capabilities issues for clinicians and healthcare staff, who often are not exposed to digital technology solutions and workflows during their studies.

Hence, our training objective also looks at empowering nurses to be confident in digital care, who will in turn, be able to empower their peers, staff members, patients and their families through knowledge and information sharing.

“Thank you so much for your assistance and for all your support with this roll out...You have [all] been extremely accommodating.”