Support to ensure successful adoption and outcomes

Results and customer focused

Before completion of our implementation project management, our support team is readily available to create and deliver the right support plan for our customers. Olinqua offers three support levels:


Technical and customer support, 8am - 5pm daily via telephone or email.


24/7 technical and customer support, accessible via phone or email.

Managed Service

Premium offerings plus variable custom options - such as onsite support - to support the unique needs of the hospital.

Continuous technology innovation

Regular software upgrades for continuously improved solutions ​

Olinqua’s engineering, product, design and clinical teams are always working to enhance its digital solution, in accordance with industry standards and consultation. Olinqua’s technology is upgraded every 6 weeks and security patched constantly to make sure that our customers get the best solution, everytime. 

Depending on the chosen support level, Olinqua’s technical support is at hand to upgrade systems, or internal IT teams are also able to self-manage this process. 

Very high uptime for healthcare providers

Digital Twin support and a resilient system

While uptime is important in every industry, here at Olinqua, we are very aware that uptime is especially important for healthcare providers and hospitals. That is why we have built a resilient system in Olinqua, using higher availability and disaster recovery technology. 

In addition, Olinqua’s entire application is mirrored in a replicated data centre to further support the delivery of very high uptime. 

“It’s rare to find a business that you can’t fault, but this [Olinqua] is one of them.”

Digital Health Solution Team, Australian Hospital