Best practice implementation

Delivering a fun and effective customer journey

We believe the right digital solution requires best practice and custom implementation, as well as the provision of on-going local functional and technical support. 

That is why our implementation team ensures that a fun and effective project management process is in place, helping our customers feel engaged, informed and excited about the power of digital hospitals every step of the way. 

Waterfall project management for implementation success

Delivering complex and large-scale enterprise projects

Olinqua’s project management is based on the waterfall methodology – a sequential, linear process of project management. Careful planning, detailed documentation and consecutive execution are characteristics of our implementation project management, as detailed in the steps below.

01. Kick-off

We start with aligning all stakeholders on scope of project and agree on key elements, including schedule, accountabilities and points of contact.

02. Design

Once the kick-off scope is defined, we share capability and industry best practice for technical and functional design, understand documents and sign off requirements.

03. Build

Upon sign off, we build a technical platform and configure Olinqua as per the customer requirements to enable the testing phase.

04. Testing

To make sure that the platform and solutions we build are working as per the customer requirements, we conduct Customer User Acceptance workshop and testing.

05. Training

After testing and before going live, we provide custom training to meet the agreed goals of the training plan. As built documentation, training guides and support information are provided.

06. Go-live

Once every relevant team member is empowered with knowledge and training, we transition Olinqua’s system into a productive environment and support all users through the launch via onsite, on-call and training resources.

07. Close

The last step of our implementation is making sure that the project is signed off. We then hand-over to client operations and Olinqua’s customer success team to further provide ongoing support.

Moving efficiently through project phases

Providing organisational and customer benefits

Through our implementation in 100+ Australian hospitals, we have seen our customers benefit from a waterfall project management style. Some of the key benefits are:

“[Olinqua’s integration was] delivered to required time, and in a professional and agile way.”

Digital Health Solution Team, Australian Hospital