Relationship focused customer engagement

Supporting our customers to achieve their outcomes

Working proactively in partnership with our customers to help them get more value out of Olinqua is a key focus of our Customer Success practice. ​

This focus drives our customer experience delivery forward and ensures that everyone who uses Olinqua as their communications, collaboration and workforce technology solution have a successful path for adoption, satisfaction and outcomes achievement into the future. 

Engagement at every step of the journey

A team ready to support your success with Olinqua


To help our customers get started with Olinqua and find initial success with the whole organisation system adoption.

To achieve this, we deliver custom system training and logistics on account set up, how to access support and latest resources and features.


To ensure our customers find success and confidence with Olinqua over time.

To support this, digital knowledge bases are available as a ready reference and contact point, anytime and anywhere.

Health Check

To empower our customers to achieve their projected outcomes.

To contribute to this, our Customer Success Manager will work together to understand project alignment, identify gaps and adoption strategy.


To support our customers – as their requirements expand – with the most effective solutions.

To help with expansion needs, our Customer Success Manager and team are able to offer value add, go the extra mile services, customised to the unique requirements of our customers.

“Brilliant as-built [training] documentation. Best we’ve ever seen.”