Understanding our customers is key

Consultation and engagement at every stage

Our consulting team ensures that they spend time and resources to listen to and understand the environment, challenges and desired outcomes of our customers.​

They do this prior to implementing Olinqua’s technology, during onboarding through our training services and on-going via our customer success engagement. 

Because we believe in the importance of providing the right technology to meet the unique needs of our customers, we are always ready to customise solutions and are never afraid to suggest other alternatives during this important consulting phase.

Olinqua’s staged consultation process

Meeting our customers' unique requirements and outcomes

Pre-implementation consultation

Discussions with all stakeholders – from a technical and workforce perspective – to understand context, challenges and desired outcomes. 

Current state picture used to create a future state process map with recommended solutions.

Design phase consultation

Approval for recommended solutions kick off the design phase consultation, involving deeper understanding of every user requirements, document requirements and sign off requirements. 

Information gathered here guides the build phase.

User testing consultation

Once a technical and functional build is completed, we enter the testing phase consultation via customer user acceptance testing workshop. 

This important phase ensures that the built solution is working as per captured requirements.

Training consultation

Upon sign off of the user acceptance testing, our Training team consults with everyone who will use or be affected by the new solution to understand the best way to deliver the most effective onboarding for  successful adoption of Olinqua.

Customer success consultation

A consultative relationship will continue throughout the next journey for our customers’ success

Adoption strategies, health check ups, and support for growth will be provided in consultation and collaboration with our customers.

“It’s rare to find a business that you can’t fault, but this is one of them.”