Linq Environment Monitoring

Facility monitoring for smart hospitals.

Linq Environment Monitoring

Facility monitoring for smart hospitals.

Effective monitoring
of essential services

To keep busy engineering teams on track with facility performance, having up-to-date information is key.

Linq Environment Monitoring comes into play by allowing configuration to notify both floor staff and engineering teams about any deviations in critical building infrastructure. This includes freezers, fridges, and air conditioners.

With its seamless integration on mobile devices, Linq enables teams to swiftly take corrective actions. This proactive approach helps in preserving valuable medical inventory, avoiding service charges for minor malfunctions, and overall, in effectively managing critical equipment to ensure the hospital keeps running smoothly.

Detect faults in crucial
hospital equipment.

Enable faster responses
to alarms.

Detect faults in crucial hospital equipment.

A faulty fridge compressor or a door left ajar in a hospital can mean disaster for blood, vaccination and medication management, and can potentially lead to thousands of dollars of stock loss, and staff short on the required treatments for their patients.

Olinqua’s systems, through in-situ probes and AI technology, can identify risk trends in fridge temperature and performance. It can simultaneously initiate tasks for engineering to rectify the root problem, while sending urgent notifications to nursing staff to relocate contents prior to them being compromised.

Enable faster response to alarms.

Alarm management is made simpler and more effective with Olinqua. Using AI, once a problem is identified and defined, the system can automatically trigger a pre-set process of events that delivers the right people, to the right place, in the fastest time possible. 

For example, if a door or lift experiences an unexpected malfunction, Olinqua will identify the issue before a staff member or visitor even thinks or knows to trigger an alarm. It will automatically raise a Code Yellow to alert engineers to the issue and have them onsite in a fraction of the time a manual process would take. 

Through our adoption of Olinqua, we have a lot less integration downtime and troubleshooting, resulting in time, cost and resource efficiencies for the Digital Health Solutions team and importantly, the wider hospital teams.”

Technical Services Manager, Western Sydney Local Health District

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