Digital healthcare solution providers Olinqua and FiveP announce strategic partnership at HIMSS23

April 20, 2023

Connected hospital interoperability platform Olinqua and FiveP – developers of role-based messaging solution Baret – have announced a strategic partnership at the HIMSS23 global health information and technology conference being held this week in Chicago. 


Both headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, and with a growing list of hospital clients across APAC, the partnership will see the pair exchanging and investing in integration pathways between core features of their two systems. The partnership will allow hospitals to leverage the next-generation features of their respective role-based messaging and alarm management technologies while unlocking further value from a hospital’s existing systems with Olinqua’s unified operational data platform. 


By routing alarm and notification sources via Olinqua’s integration fabric into simplified endpoints such as Baret and Microsoft Teams, healthcare workers can receive real-time role-based, system-based, and location-based alerts, tasks, and messages in a secure and efficient method with context and relevance to a clinical role being undertaken. 


According to Olinqua CEO, Martin Moszczynski, the primary challenge with current hospital alarm management and integration is the complexity and volume of alarm sources, with just as many – or if not more – alarm alert destinations. 


“Alarms have inherently sophisticated, real-time workflows with critical response pathways. This can be large volumes of information being conveyed to many parties across a hospital, and much of this on legacy systems. Placing Baret and Microsoft Teams at the front-end to that information, it can then become far more structured, usable, and able to be routed in a way that it can be acted upon much more rapidly.” 


Microsoft Teams continues to grow steadily in healthcare across the globe. During their HIMSS 2022 wrap-up, Microsoft reported monthly usage of Microsoft Teams was growing across the industry at a rate of over 560 percent between March 2020 and November 2021. 


Jane Prowse, CTO of FiveP and Baret product lead, says that implementing Baret and Microsoft Teams allows tighter coordination of communication and alignment to standards-based communication practices between multidisciplinary teams and across health services while eliminating the need for additional hardware and security measures. 


“Seventy percent of preventable adverse inadvertent patient harm stems from some form of communication failure. By providing healthcare workers with a more streamlined communication method that additionally delivers context and information from the physical environment around them, we can support faster reaction times to scenarios and an increased focus on the delivery of care. To do this in a way that rationalises the number of devices and system alerts that they need to pay attention to has very real benefits around reducing fatigue – including sensory fatigue and sensory adaptation.” 


FiveP CEO David Dennis commented that along with new tools for end users comes new datasets for hospitals to utilise and enable more informed decision-making that will drive improved delivery of care.


“Obviously, there is tremendous power in the ability to collect and analyse data from any number of systems that were previously disparate. The significance here is how this new data can be used to inform improvements to clinical process. For example, one of our clients now has access to urgent clinical review (UCR) data via Baret that they have not had with any of their previous systems. Correlating the number of UCRs that occur with the time of day and the day of the week, they are identifying and modelling trends and patterns that were previously unknown and using that data to make decisions about workload and staffing levels. Introducing the Olinqua integration to this data-driven approach will add a further dimension to what can be discovered and improved upon from within that information.” 


Contact us today to arrange a joint briefing session with the Olinqua and FiveP teams to discover the possibilities that our partnership can deliver.


About Olinqua:

Established in Australia in 2009, Olinqua is a leading Australian provider of communication, collaboration and workflow solutions for hospital and healthcare settings. With a powerful automation and integration capability, Olinqua’s Ignite platform connects clinical, operations and facility systems, to enable seamless, open, and sustainable interoperability. Operating in approximately 90 hospitals, Olinqua is working together with customers, and partners, to enable better healthcare.

About FiveP:

Founded in 2013, FiveP is a leading provider of digital products and services to organisations seeking to transform their ways of working with the Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 platforms. Our mission is to help organisations discover new paths to success by providing technology solutions that unlock their potential. Baret is a secure, targeted role-based messaging solution for Microsoft Teams, launched by FiveP in October 2021. It enables structured communications and assurance of critical information handover across clinical and frontline workers in hospitals and care settings, leveraging the best-in-class security of Microsoft 365.