Our story:
Australian technology,
knowledge and

Innovating the next generation of workforce technologies

Inspired by lingua franca, the historical concept of a “common language.”

Olinqua was founded as a technology innovation company to introduce The Ubiquitous Broker Environment (aka TUBE), a patented integration technology invented in Melbourne, to the global marketplace.

Our steadfast commitment to our “Four Pillars” principles, which have remained unchanged since 2009, together with an impressive track record has established our position as a specialist solution provider across several industries. 

With a focus on leveraging the capabilities of modern unified communications, location services and mobility to enhance workforce safety and productivity – coupled with industry partnerships including Cisco, Microsoft and Siemens – Olinqua is fast becoming globally recognised as a thought leader and innovator in next generation workforce technologies.

Olinqua story

Our “Four Pillars”


Invest in continuous innovation and problem solving


Create a lean organisation that’s more responsive to point demand. Adopt agile product development practices

Channel-first model

Be a global innovator and manufacturer on software through a focus on channel support and valuable partner relationships

Innovation - Digital Twin

Enable the digital consolidation of workforce, environment and infrastructure through the creation of a Digital Twin

Our Philosophy

Today, our overarching philosophy is deceptively simple – drive organisational benefits while improving the individual experience of staff, customers and visitors. We do this by creating innovative, technology-inspired outcomes for our customers, driving successful adoption of new processes and technologies by targeting improvements in an individual’s experiences.

We call it Experience Oriented Design.

Australian knowledge, technology & innovation

Our innovations, enjoyed by over 70 hospitals across Australia, are now proudly exported to the rest of the world.

Olinqua is an Australian-based company, we have a strong understanding of our local processes and practices – and the systems needed to enable higher levels of staff and visitors. Over the years, our DuressAware staff safety solution has gained national recognition as one of the most innovative and well-engineered workforce safety applications in the technology ecosystem.

Now, in 2021, our Olinqua IGNITE integrated business application is breaking down traditional barriers and revolutionising how we experience our unified digital and physical worlds.