Olinqua grows with you.

A hospital operations platform you can expand with your needs.


Switch on to a better solution in your hospital

A solution for today and for tomorrow

Whether yours is a brand new hospital build or an established hospital that is embracing digital transformation, we know your technology needs evolve over time. 

Right now, you might need a new alarm management system, with real-time location technology and a digital twin to drive response to incidents. We can do that — and will build it on top of a powerful integration platform that allows all your systems and devices to ‘plug in’ and work together. 

Next month, next year, or five years down the track, as demand increases and managing workflows becomes even more difficult, it could be a task management solution you need, or the ability to monitor assets in and around your hospital environment. We can do that too. 

Olinqua’s hospital integration platform unites all the people, devices and systems you already have, and offers six, purpose-built modules that solve specific operational challenges. Get what you need now, and we’ll grow with you.

Expand your solution to match your needs

Start with our platform and one module, or two, and build the solution over years as your requirements evolve.

Integrate with all existing systems

Connect all your systems and machines with Olinqua, enabling them to truly work together. 

Reduce hospital expenses and admin

When one solution takes the place of many, that means less maintenance, less management, less time and cost. 

Ask us about Olinqua

If you’re interested to learn more about how our powerful interoperability platform works, which of your systems it can bring together, or if there are specific modules or solutions you’re considering, fill in the form to reach out to our friendly, expert and local team. 

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The benefits of Olinqua

Simple user interface

Our platform was designed with you, for you, and its mobile – so it’s intuitive, easy to use and available anywhere. 

Smarter decisions

Bringing your systems together means a better and more comprehensive view, that can drive more effective actions. 

More integrations

Olinqua integrates with a vast variety of devices, streamlining your hospital operations and enhancing data and reporting. 

Expert support

Our team is on standby to provide any assistance you need as you roll out and use your Olinqua solution.

Olinqua: one powerful solution

Olinqua’s hospital solutions are driven by a powerful interoperability platform, that delivers Connected Workforce and Connected Environment technology behind the scenes to streamline operations.

Secure Messaging

Exchange text communications and automated notifications securely with all platform users.

Incident Management

Manage critical incident alarms and responses electronically.

Media Management

Exchange and store images securely on the platform.

Asset Tracking

Track and  locate hospital assets and perimeter breaches efficiently and effectively.

Environment Monitoring

Monitor and be alerted to environmental conditions in various departments.

1 +

Partnering with leading healthcare settings to connect people and systems, for better patient care. 

7900 +
Healthcare professionals

Enabling clinical and operational teams to communicate, manage tasks, and feel safer at work.

1 Mill+

Facilitating secure messages, media management and communication.