Linq Task Management

Automated hospital workflows and task management triggers.

Linq Task Management

Automated hospital workflows and task management triggers.

Smarter, automated workflows. Smoother hospital operations.

Shifting the focus from admin tasks to patient care, Linq Task Management ensures hospital staff feel organised and in control on the floor, maximising their impact.

Staff can log and coordinate tasks in real-time for instant visibility. Update tasks seamlessly from the point of care and allocate new tasks efficiently.

With smart task allocation and a seamless mobile experience, Linq streamlines workload optimisation, eliminating pitfalls like unprepared room transfers and critical information oversights.

Linq automates tasks based on roles and capacity, offering more than task management. It’s a smarter approach to healthcare operations that empowers clinicians to prioritise exceptional patient care.

Easily identify on-call and on-shift staff to save time allocating tasks.

Automated escalations for guaranteed task completion.

Reallocate tasks simply and feel in control of the workflow.

Configure workflows to automate responses to real-time events.

Easily identify on-call and on-shift staff to save time allocating tasks.​

Linq Task Management simplifies task assignment through our easily searchable roster of on-call and on-shift hospital staff. Take out the guesswork and equip your hospital staff with the essential tools they need – a real-time view of their available colleagues, ensuring tasks reach the right hands promptly.

Linq turns task allocation into a seamless, uncomplicated narrative, your teams workflow and the efficiency of hospital operations. Managing patient care becomes so much simpler when phone calls and information searches across multiple systems are eliminated.

Save your staff countless hours, redirecting their focus from searching to delivering patient care efficiently.

Automated escalations for guaranteed task completion.​

In case a task goes unaddressed, Linq Task Management takes charge, automatically escalating it for attention. This proactive approach aligns seamlessly with your hospital’s needs, ensuring that critical tasks receive prompt acknowledgment and fostering a more responsive environment.

Linq ensures that tasks don’t go unnoticed or linger unread for too long, without the hassle of phone calls and emails. Linq provides assurance that nothing crucial slips through the cracks in your hospital’s workflow.

Reallocate tasks simply and feel in control of the workflow.​

Empower users with the ability to seamlessly manage their tasks through Linq Task Management. Whether it’s accepting, initiating, pausing, or canceling tasks, our platform offers a versatile range of controls at your fingertips. When a task is canceled, it triggers a process of reintegration into the pool for completion, prompting tasks to be reallocated to an available person with a matching role.

By enabling users to cancel tasks that may be better suited for others or that they are unable to complete, Linq ensures that the right person with the matching role is swiftly identified. This not only promotes a fair distribution of tasks but also contributes reducing staff stress and preventing burnout.

With everyone engaged in tasks that align with their roles and capacities, Linq fosters a collaborative environment, and a shared responsibility for the collective success of the team.

Configure workflows to automate responses to real-time events.

Automate tasks easily with Linq’s system triggers. For instance, when temperature alarms kick in, it prompts assigned staff like engineers to quickly check for any anomalies.

The benefits are straightforward – responses happen rapidly, eliminating delays in relaying essential information. No more searching for the right person; our system immediately activates emergency protocols. The right person gets an instant alert, taking prompt action. This not only ensures a swift response to critical situations but also leads to significant cost savings for the hospital. Linq simplifies task automation, boosting efficiency, and making a real impact on both response time and financial outcomes.

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