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A connected workforce and connected environment

Often, there are too many systems within a hospital. There are different teams, many different systems, and multiple ways of communication and collaboration. 

It has been recognised that siloed systems create more complexity within the hospitals and can negatively impact staff morale. Complex technology and processes is causing an increase in cognitive load and making it more difficult for staff to communicate and collaborate effectively with peers and patients. 

Our connected workforce technology facilitates communication in hospitals through the distribution of messages and alerts, to specifically refined roles and tasks.

Meanwhile, our connected environment components provide the hosting, integration, operational twin and messaging delivery infrastructure for seamless use by everyone, everywhere. 

A connected workforce is an empowered workforce

Digital solutions to empower, accelerate and transform hospitals

Core to Olinqua’s technology is helping hospitals implement seamless communication and collaboration between highly interdependent workflow environments.

We do this by providing a solution developed with business logic, transparent user experience and a focus on collaboration for every application within our solution, to deliver:

Effective incident management

Automated management of critical incidents alarms and responses, with ability to pull reports for OSH, Clinical Governance and quality and control.

Enhanced staff

Mobile and fixed point duress alarms, providing  increased security measures for staff in high risk hospital environments.

Secure and fast communications

Text, chat, private message, share files and images (encrypted patient data) to improve response times and assist in  providing on the spot care.

Real time facility monitoring

Innovative technology monitoring and reporting on essential services, such as medicine and room temperature fluctuations and lift malfunctions.

Efficient asset tracking

Location intelligence and real-time location system, making it easier and more efficient to track and protect the critical assets within the hospital.

A connected environment for seamless user experience

Supporting smarter, safer and more efficient hospitals!

To deliver outcomes via the Olinqua solution requires a powerful connected environment “behind the scenes.” 

Through a combination of our own innovations and partnerships with leading enterprise providers, we have built a platform that allows for the ease of use, high availability and system compatibilities that many digital hospital team members seek:

Component hosting architecture

Allowing for deployment without requiring a build process.

Message delivery

Supporting reliable delivery required for critical system workflows.

Digital Twin

Real time digital replica for all stateful information on the hospital’s operational environment.

Integration Edge

Translating message and event data between Olinqua and external systems and devices. 

Powerful integration architecture, streamlining all operations

Integration capability is an integral part of every Olinqua installation

Our powerful integration architecture connects on-premises and cloud native applications and systems into a unified platform or ecosystem where all existing hospital applications work with one another. This improves efficiency of data management, user experience and reduces costs involved in having various resources used to manage and monitor different applications separately.

The integration layers of a typical Olinqua installation include:


All user endpoints — mobile devices of all forms — integrated.


All of the applications used to deliver our communications and collaboration applications.

Integrated systems

External systems used by the hospital integrated into Olinqua’s solution.


All of Olinqua’s interoperability layers that are used within our connected environment components.

Enabling technologies

Specific integrations that enable Olinqua’s solutions to work in on-premises infrastructure.

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