Hospital Collaboration & Communications

Tasks, messaging, media management, all cyber-secured in one place

We believe connected hospitals create more meaningful outcomes for everyone

Olinqua’s hospital collaboration technology seamlessly facilitates the myriad, day-to-day, information exchanges required to keep a hospital running smoothly.

Clinicians and healthcare teams can text, chat, private message, share files and images – or choose to keep private – all in a secure environment which won’t impact personal devices.

More effective task management

Remain connected across the patient care continuum

Olinqua’s task management tools allow hospital managers to lead effectively through the live and collaborative allocation of operational and clinical tasks. Smart technology automates key status, responses, reporting and other norms that reduce overhead for individuals in their daily routines.

Secure clinical messaging

User friendly, simple and effective communications

Olinqua’s messaging solution facilitates the secure exchange of text communications between all platform users, including automated notifications from incoming data, system events and workflows.

This enables staff to create closed and secure message groups for support and assistance from peers, along with the ability to create speciality team groups for specific wards, floors or cases.

Efficient media sharing and management

Empowering clinicians to share and collaborate on the go

Olinqua’s media sharing capabilities allow for the secure storage and sharing of clinical images and documents. With collaborative access across teams, clinical communication is enabled and amplified.

Create a more
collaborative workforce