Hospital wide messages, notifications and alarms

When a critical incident occurs it’s vital that the right information is sent to the right people, securely, and without delay.

Olinqua’s critical incident response technology is designed to give hospital staff the tools they need to respond quickly and efficiently to the life and death scenarios that are continually placed in front of them on a daily basis.

By providing hospitals with an enterprise system, for processing all messages, notifications and alarms, Olinqua supports extensive clinical communication, a cornerstone for enabling the highest quality of patient care.

Olinqua’s systems include:

  • Hospital wide messaging capability – so the right people are notified
  • Triggers for specific protocols – to ensure the right processes are followed
  • Code information – to ensure the correct equipment is gathered
  • Forensic reporting capabilities – to enable fully traceable follow-up care

Enabling Clinical Collaboration

Olinqua’s Enterprise Messaging Integration Engine (MIE) is a one-stop-shop system for processing all messages, notifications and alarms across your hospital.

Supporting Facility Messaging and Clinical Communication with the use of emergency codes and the inclusion of triggers for specific protocols (e.g. gathering points), smart and integrated systems enable staff to communicate and react effectively to critical incidents.

Forensic Reporting and Analysis

Olinqua’s technology solutions provide secured access to forensic reporting that enables staff to report against important hospital KPI’s (e.g. what protocols were followed, how long were response times).

The fully traceable and detailed reporting removes staff overheads and administrative burden, creating more efficient and accountable workplaces, while improving productivity and patient responsiveness.