Hospital communication and collaboration suite.


Hospital communication and collaboration suite.

Chasing efficiency? Connect the dots between clinical and operational.

Linq is the suite for smarter hospital communication and collaboration. From instant alerts for rapid response to locating valuable assets, Linq enables care teams to stay connected and responsive.

Built on OlinquaOS, Australia’s first operating system for hospitals, Linq bridges the gap between clinical and operational teams, effortlessly digesting mission-critical data and intelligently directing it to the right people, regardless of the device.

As messages reach the right person at the right time, Linq reduces unnecessary disruptions of overhead paging, improves communication cycle times, and fosters a more focused and productive work environment. 

With Linq, care teams, like clinicians and nurses, can stay focused without distractions from irrelevant alarms. By receiving only the messages important to their responsibilities, they can bypass administrative tasks and dedicate their attention where it matters most – on patients. Shift away from outdated methods like pagers and slow communication, toward patient-centered care with Linq.

Smarter modules built for clinical and operational teams.

Smarter modules built for clinical and operational teams.

Illustration of hospital call between doctor and switchboard.

Quickly find and connect with the right hospital staff for rapid response in moments that matter.

Medical asset location tracking illustration.

Allocate resources more efficiently with automation and data to drive clinical and operational decisions.

Task Management

Create, implement, and repurpose clinical and operational workflows effortlessly.

Illustration of emergency code call on desktop.

Incident Management

Break down data silos and empower staff to take meaningful actions in critical moments.

Illustration of hospital team receiving system temperature alert.

Monitor and be alerted to environmental conditions across
the entire hospital ecosystem.

Case studies

Olinqua partners with more than 80 Australian hospitals, delivering powerful integration, and enabling operational excellence through one or all six of its leading platform modules. 

Integrating 49 systems for Westmead, Olinqua introduced a real-time location service over 14 floors and 110,000m2 to underpin cutting-edge mobile duress and asset tracking functionality. 

St John of Midland

Olinqua integrated six crucial systems for this busy Perth hospital, and introduced platform modules to improve facilities and alarm management. 

Want to know more about Linq?

At Olinqua, we don’t just deliver ground-breaking healthcare technology, we are also committed to delivering a collaborative, expert service that empowers hospitals as they evolve digitally. Reach out to our experienced team to find out more about our software and approach. 

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