Human Factors

  • Empower Human Intelligence

    Technology should free individuals to do things only people can do, not bog them down with things the system already knows from. Effective automation strives to do exactly this. I need Artificial intelligence that understands Human Intelligence and takes human factors into account.

  • Sophisticated Messaging Network

    Communication has never been more important yet is often overwhelming and fractured. Multiple systems, logins, channels can create chaos not clarity. I expect a centralised view of all my message engagement; IM, call, text, page, announce, conference, or whatever means necessary for the job at hand.

  • Always Context Specific

    Keeping track is never easy. My team members need the right information at hand: instructions, checklists, and appropriate guidance. We also have regulatory and auditory compliance rules to follow. The system must provide current and accurate direction for me and my team.

  • Data Driven Workflows

    Capture, process and act on all the information we should, regardless of the originating systems. The sensors, systems and devices which connect our ecosystem provide rich sources of high-value data that are extremely useful when put together in the right way for the sensibility of people.

  • Clear Status and Perspective

    Overall, when the stakes are high, this matters most – critical incident response, urgent codes, emergency situations. I’m looking for less distractions, less data-overload and more focus. Provide me with clear, concise and relevant facts to do my work. It would be great if a system could accomplish this – it seems to me they should.

  • Private, Secure, Sharable

    We should have confidence our interactions are secure yet sharable if appropriate. It should be simple for me to have things that I decide who can see and how (my groups, my teams, my colleagues, my bosses). Plus, as an automated system I would also know that all of this detailed data can be viewed, reported, analyzed and put in dashboards relevant at every level of my organisation.

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