Digital Hospital Experience

How it is relevant to you

Wearing multiple hats

My role: Work is always hectic, and my assignments or devices can change from moment to moment. Nurse, Floor Supervisor, Certification Trainee; all of the above. PC, smartphone, pager, tablet, intercom; all of the above. My information has to come in a unified way that knows my current role, what devices I’m using and how best to reach me.

Teamwork that works

My team: Who else needs to be involved, who is available, have they been told, are they responded, are they on their way, are they done already. And then there’s my part in it all – assign it to the person with the right qualifications, I’m not free to talk right now or let’s all meet in the breakroom and have a quick team huddle.

Smart systems inform me

My tasks: What is happening, what do I need to know, what do I need to do, what takes priority, is it urgent. These are the basics of having at the fingertips data that helps me do my job. I take pride in my work and there’s nothing worse than scrambling to get standard context where performance is involved.

Location show and tell

My logistics: Where I am, where do I need to go, how do I get there from here. Where is the right equipment I need to take, is it available now; where are my team members, are they available. Effective electronic maps and navigation which are indispensable tools in today’s world.

Systems should know

My work: I already have a higher duty of care working in a hospital. Situational Awareness and Everything in one place is key to getting my work done effectively. Technology must understand my ecosystem and provide me with meaningful information. I expect my tasks, my messages, my alerts – my information – accessible in a way that works for me. What I need, when I need it, the way I need it. Give me a better workday.