Find, manage and update critical assets and inventory

A hospital unable to access the right equipment or maintain the right stock levels is a hospital that can’t properly perform its duty of care to patients. 

Using Olinqua’s location intelligence combined with real-time tracking, hospitals can locate critical assets and manage inventory levels, for optimal procurement management.

Asset Management

Olinqua’s asset management systems go beyond the simple identification and categorisation of assets. Staff are empowered to stay organised and on top of regularly used equipment and can use location intelligence to identify details such as:
• How close an asset is
• Where it’s proper storage location is
• Map based location views

Olinqua’s solution also allows for searching and filtering of assets and equipment based on specific criteria selected for even easier management and tracking to answer questions such as:
• Where are all the bariatric wheelchairs?
• Where is all the code blue equipment?

Inventory Management

Olinqua’s smart inventory management systems can alert procurement teams to low stock levels of exhausted assets or of assets due to expire shortly, supporting proactive inventory management.

Alerts can even be tied to statistically high or low usage periods based on peak months/seasons for medications (e.g. flu season).