With the advent of the Internet of Things, the real world and digital world are blending. There is now an extraordinary amount of real-time sensory information available to information systems - speech, movement, time, absolute location, physical proximity, temperature, to name just a few.

Our CONNECTED WORKFORCE PLATFORM has been engineered to provide valuable real-world outcomes for workforce safety, security, workforce enablement and operational enhancement by levering investments in smarter IT infrastructure.

While voice and video communication remain the back-bone of any workforce, Cisco IP telephony and its ecosystem of messaging and mobility technologies offers a more sophisticated set of collaboration features.

Utilising these features enables the platform to communicate directly with individuals across the workforce, whatever their role, device or communications method of choice.

To make the right decisions on what needs to happen, whom to engage, and when, our algorithms use real-time location information provided by modern Cisco wireless networks in conjunction with compatible asset and staff tracking systems.

Exciting advances in RFID, Near-Field Communication (NFC) and other wireless sensor technology empower our technology with unprecedented levels of interaction with people, assets and devices in the physical clinical environment.

This unlocks a wide variety of real-world applications, including staff safety alarms, refrigerator monitoring, wandering patient detection, intelligent nurse rounding, and many others - all on the
one convergent platform.

Modern building management and security systems allow the system to make use of surveillance and access control features when managing the response to duress and other critical incidents.


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