Drive digital transformation through connected experiences.

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Our name pays homage to the 17th century Frankish tongue of 'lingua franca': a common language which revolutionised trading by enabling communication between traders from across the world.

Our technology enables people, devices and complex systems to interact seamlessly, bringing the spirit of lingua franca to light for the connected workforce of the 21st century.

Olinqua IGNITE

A class-leading platform for digitally transforming your business.

Olinqua IGNITE is a highly-available application stack which integrates with a wide variety of workplace systems and devices, including Cisco Unified Communications, real-time location services (RTLS), IP and mobile telephony and all types of sensors and controllers.  The platform provides a foundation on which to build contemporary user experiences for providing tangible benefits across all areas of the modern workforce. 

Olinqua IGNITE offers native digital workspaces for incident management, task management, asset tracking, environment monitoring and secure messaging.

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A tool for supercharging your enterprise innovation processes

Engineered by innovators, for innovators, Thoughtlane helps you capture and curate your organisation's thoughts and ideas, converting these into meaningful programmes and innovations.

They're your thoughts... make them count.

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Excellence through experience design.

SAVANT is Olinqua's consulting and advisory unit, combining deep experience in digital infrastructure with persona-driven service and experience design methodologies.  Our consultants advise businesses of all types on achieving their digital transformation goals, helping strike a balance between what's possible, what may be possible... and what's still some time away.


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Excellence in technical delivery.

When our products don't quite cover the experiences you need... OlinquaLabs deploys our own in-house "skunkworks" team to your pilots, projects and transformational initiatives.  Our teams develop and deliver digital applications and experiences to client specifications across web, mobile, blockchain, IoT, Industry4.0, any other buzzword you can think of... maybe even some you can't. 

A skilled team, disciplined processes, proven outcomes and available under a variety of engagement models.

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